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Get startups to respond to 'Jobs to be done' and pressing problems you want solved.


Be among the first in the world to get solicitations from builders with products/ services in your area of interest.


For ages you’ve been adopting what others have been creating, it’s time you gave shape to some of these creations proactively.

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What do you get?

  1. Be among the first 100 customers for these startups.
  2. Shape the solicitations you receive.
  3. Lend your DNA to startups solving problems you resonate with and care about.

Controlled solicitations

  1. Against Jobs to be done or pressing problems you’ve identified and posted
  2. From Builders creating solutions for people in similar position to yours

Pricing: $49 per year (Free for year 1, in return for helping us build

To reserve your license, Please share your email address here :

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